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About Us

brainchild noun


brain·​child | \ ˈbrān-ˌchī(-ə)ld

: A creation, original idea, or innovation, usually

used to indicate the originators

 We incorporate a multi-channel approach to breathing life into a campaign event and new idea. From traditional media, to digital, too experiential, Brainchild can deliver measurable results. Brainchild gives designers, brands, and business owners a platform to showcase their inspiration, innovation, and creativity in front of St. Louis media, shoppers, educators, established designers, and other industry professionals. We incorporate innovation, entertainment, and unconventional guerrilla marketing, taking your concept from inception to execution. As one of the main supporters of fashion and entertainment events in St. Louis for 20 years, Brainchild aims to help our clients educate their audience through events and social media and help boost trends and ideas.

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